Bow Valley Roller Derby: Times and Trials of a New League

By Rachelle Honeyman I was attending an 80s-themed bachelorette party in the summer of 2010.  Joanne was the bride to be, and only an acquaintance to me at that time.  I wasn’t exactly sure why I was invited to her party, although I appreciated the extended invite. Turns out it was meant to be. The party was a blast, and…

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Baked Kale Chips

Summer is the season of potlucks, and we want you to get raving reviews the next time you whip out your contribution to picnic time. Bring a batch of Mystee’s Baked Kale Chips, and you’re sure to score some serious bonus points. – Highline These crispy chips are coated with a cheddar like coating made from pureed cashews and nutritional…

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Skoki: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About (One of) Canada’s Oldest Backcountry Lodges

First opened in 1931, Skoki Lodge is a National Historic Site that has a long history of offering a prime landing pad for passionate hikers and skiers. As I learned, the lodge is chock-full of quirky, entertaining stories from both the past and present. 1. When the first real stove was brought in by Ike Mills on dogsled, he actually…

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Underwater Roots at Lake Minnewanka

Some dig through old church records to trace their family roots. Others browse ancestry websites. But to find her roots, including her father’s childhood home, Marjory Gibney would have to dive deep – to the bottom of Lake Minnewanka. The Bow Valley isn’t exactly a hotbed of scuba opportunities. Most lake diving here rewards you with little more than poor…

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Spotlight on the Arts: Roger Vernon

A native of Alberta, Roger Vernon developed his love for life behind the camera at the age of 13 when his parents gave him a developing kit.