Dare to Disconnect

Ping! New text message. Ping! Someone just tagged you. Ping! Ping! Ping! Your inbox is full. With so much commanding our attention these days, it’’s easy to feel like we’re drowning in a tidal wave of messages that arrive daily through our phones, computers and personal devices. At some point, it seems the only way to catch a break is…

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Wild Waldorf Salad

 Our Queen of Vegetarian Goodness, Mystee, has done it again with this easy-to-make recipe for Wild Waldorf Salad. We suggest preparing a batch for the week ahead: you’ll be happy you did when you open that fridge door! – Highline Wild rice is actually a seed from a marsh grass, rather than a grain. It is far superior nutritionally to…

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Raw Chocolate Bliss Balls

We would love to see how these Bliss Balls turn out in your kitchen. Send us your delicious photos at info[at]highlineonline.ca  – Highline Cocoa in its raw form has been named one of the top ten nutrient-dense foods on the planet. Most natural foods stores carry the raw ingredients to make your own raw chocolate. If you’re in a pinch, good quality…

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Learning the Zen of Paper and Pen

Zentangle is not what you’re thinking (a bunch of Bow Valley yoga instructors playing “Twister,”right?). Nice try, though. Zentangle is a relatively new art form that is considered by its practitioners to be an “artistic meditation.” Using simple dots, lines, patterns and a little imagination, even self-declared “left-brainers” can create beautiful drawings like the one below. It’s easy to learn, highly addictive,…

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9 Tips for Capturing Northern Lights

Dark skies, cold nights and a lack of light pollution mean you’’ve got a great chance of seeing northern lights, or aurora, in the Canadian Rockies. If you’’ve ever been wondering how to capture them, here are some tips from local photographer, Paul Zizka, who has photographed the northern lights throughout Canada. – Highline With the solar maximum of an…

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Now You’re Cooking With Fats!

Know when to use the right fats in the kitchen. Back in the summer I decided I’’d had enough of the astronomical prices of odour-repelling exercise clothes, and purchased a cheap, no-name brand exercise t-shirt. It didn’’t have special stitching, or unicorn hair woven into it, or a charcoal absorbent layer – it was just a green shirt. That weekend…

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