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So, you want to write or shoot for Highline? Please submit your application through the form at the bottom of this page and we will be in touch with you shortly.

It’s a good idea to spend some time familiarizing yourself with our content categories and regular features (below). All submissions should include information about you and your background as a writer or photographer and qualifications for writing or shooting a particular story. Please include all supporting documents such as images with your submission.


(click on the department title to see examples)

Art and Soul

Capturing the beauty of the landscape with love, compassion, and mad respect for where we live and play. Provide a single stunner or a series of images that can be made into a slideshow, accompanied by up to 250 words of text describing the story behind the image(s).

This is also your opportunity to highlight local artists and exhibitions. These can include an interview that delves into the artist’s practice, inspiration, and methods. Get deep inside those creative mind to inspire us all to think outside the box.

Nature and Environment

These may take the form of hard-hitting science articles or thinly-veiled love letters that celebrate the wonder of our local flora, fauna and environment. Teach our readers something they don’t know about the wild natural world!

Outdoor Adventure

A hike, tour or trip that comes with an enthusiastic stamp of approval. Share insider knowledge, take people off-the-beaten-track and put them in touch with the Rockies’ lesser-known local gems. Include how to get there, quick specs, why you want to go, and what makes this place unique. What aspect of this trip would you probably not find in any other guidebook?

People Profiles – Know Your Neighbour

Nominate a quirky local character that tend to fly under the radar. Someone who goes against the grain, an unsung hero. These are the folks who may not be written up in the history books of the Rockies, but who bring a unique and undeniable energy to our local culture. We have a form to fill out and portraits will be created by Georgie Silckerodt.

Food with Altitude

Are your campfire dinners and lakeside picnic lunches the talk of the trail? Share your food and nutrition prowess with us. If possible, find a way to include a local or regional ingredient in your easy-to-make recipe. Foods designed for travel in the great outdoors or for warming up by a fire after a cold day in the hills are this section’s bread-and-butter. Great photos are a must!

Gear Reviews

We’ve got a template all ready for you to follow: create your Gear Reviewer profile, pick a piece of clothing, equipment, or footwear that you love (or loathe) and then use the simple template to review it. #boom

Book Reviews

Pick a mountain culture-themed read and give it a whirl. Ask yourself, why is this book important or interesting to a mountain-culture loving audience, and why would they want to take the time to read it? What really makes it unique and a must-read?

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