The Highline Team

Kristy Davison: Publisher, photo editor + editor in chief

Eric Daigle Assiniboine shot of Kristy-120815-041

Kristy is a home-grown Canmore kid. She studied photography at the Alberta College of Art + Design and web design at Mount Royal University before co-founding Highline Magazine in 2008. She works hard to maintain a wholesome and tasty diet of backcountry lodges, live music, dirt and sunshine. Follow Kristy on Instagram @kristy.davison (Portrait by Eric Daigle.) Contact Kristy.

Corrie DiManno: managing editor

CorrieCorrie hasn’t strayed far from the Bow Valley since graduating five years ago with a degree in photojournalism. She lives for sunny days, Wild Flour’s cranberry almond muffins, good jokes, and any opportunity to quote the movie Goodfellas. Her favourite spot around these parts is the Fenland Trail and one of her biggest feats to date is climbing Cascade Mountain in a beat up pair of black Converse. Contact Corrie.

Taryn Hajnrych: online editor


This country-girl-turned-mountain-enthusiast first moved to the Bow Valley for the proverbial “one summer” in 2007. Seven years later and four failed attempts at moving, she has finally figured out that Banff is a pretty great place to call home. Forever restless and indecisive, Taryn is plagued by her ever-evolving “to-do” lists and a mountain of adventurous vacation plans. When she’s not busy talking someone’s ear off (it’s the constant caffeine jitters), she can be found playing outdoors with Jiri, her equally as exuberant Bernese mountain dog. Contact Taryn.

Nicole Larson: advertising sales, distribution + events

nicoleBorn in Calgary, Nicole has called the Bow Valley home since 2009. When she’s not juggling one of her many jobs she can usually be found playing in the mountains or hanging with her fur babe, Numa. She loves backcountry adventures, sushi and chilling with her buds. But she loves post-outdoor activity beers even more. Contact Nicole.


Camara Miller: creative media consultant

camaraOriginally born and raised in Calgary, it didn’t take much arm-twisting to get Camara to relocate to the Valley in 2009. When she isn’t working in audio production at The Banff Centre, Camara is coffee-drinking, story-hunting, cat video-watching, trail-hiking, dog-walking, elk bugle-mimicking, picture-drawing, and generally getting up to no good.

Chloe Vance: journalist + neighbour-in-chief

Chloe, a gal with a hankering for fresh pow.

Chloe’s family is confused as to how a little girl from Toronto developed such a passion for the wilderness. Wanderlust has led her to guide expeditions in the far North, circumnavigate New Zealand by bicycle, and found an organization that provides outdoor education. In 2010, Chloe and her husband Rob moved to Canmore, a natural place to grow some roots. Inspired by her new backyard and all the interesting people in it, she delved into writing, story telling and getting to know her neighbours (among an ever-evolving list of other projects).


Our wild gang of consultants

Head Designer: Julie Lavery

Magazine Copy Editor: Paul Davison

Community Relations: Siri Bright

Distribution contacts: Kristy Davison (Canmore + Calgary), Dee Medcalf (Banff), Amanda Kraft (Edmonton), Brian Van Tighem (Jasper), Eric Frigon (Lake Louise).

“Highline Presents” Event Lead: Nicole Larson

KYNN Event Team Leads: Kristy Davison, Siri Bright, Chloe Vance, John Coleman

Web Hosting: Allan Buckingham and CnA Media Consulting

Can’t forget our contributors!