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Kristy Davison: publisher + editor in chiefScreen Shot 2015-05-18 at 4.28.22 PM

Kristy founded Highline Magazine in 2008, motivated by the pursuit of stories that both inspire mountain people and make us laugh at our weird, wild ways. Her background in fine arts and design, voracious appetite for reading and research, and a life spent wandering in the Rockies combine to lead the vision for the magazine. She’s fuelled by backcountry huts, live music, walks in the woods, and kicking back on patios with friends in the summertime.

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Corrie DiManno: managing editorMad Maxe

Corrie lives in an apartment on Banff Avenue where she is desperately trying to keep her first ever aloe vera plant alive. And when she’s not fretting about the plant’s health, she’s likely working from a downtown coffee shop, reading outside, having mountain adventures with friends, or eating spaghetti at her grandma’s house two blocks away.

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Lin Oosterhoff: layout and graphic designScreen Shot 2015-03-16 at 10.14.01 AM

Lin was born and raised in Holland and moved to Canada in 2009. She is an award-winning designer with strengths in brand identity, packaging, and typography, layout design, photography and concept development. Besides her passion for design, she loves traveling and the outdoors, finding inspiration in the patterns of nature while running, cycling, climbing, hiking and swimming. When she is not designing, she is planning her next great adventure!




Camara Miller: creative media consultantcamara

Originally born and raised in Calgary, it didn’t take much arm-twisting to get Camara to relocate to the Valley in 2009. When she isn’t working in audio production at The Banff Centre, Camara is coffee-drinking, story-hunting, cat video-watching, trail-hiking, dog-walking, elk bugle-mimicking, picture-drawing, and generally getting up to no good.


Paul Davison: copy editorIMG_7232

Paul is Kristy’s pops and the grammatical brains behind this operation. He’s an editor and English teacher who taught in Canmore for 28 years before retiring to the Crowsnest Pass. He still remembers what you were like in grade 8, and sorry to say, it wasn’t pretty. When he’s not making something, breaking something, or drinking beer and watching hockey, he is working his fingers to the bone for no pay with Highline Magazine. Now, that’s true love. Thanks, Daddy-o.


Chloe Vance: journalist + neighbour-in-chiefChloe, a gal with a hankering for fresh pow.

Chloe’s family is confused as to how a little girl from Toronto developed such a passion for the wilderness. Wanderlust has led her to guide expeditions in the far North, circumnavigate New Zealand by bicycle, and found an organization that provides outdoor education. In 2010, Chloe and her husband Rob moved to Canmore, a natural place to grow some roots. Inspired by her new backyard and all the interesting people in it, she delved into writing, story telling and getting to know her neighbours (among an ever-evolving list of other projects). Read Chloe’s stories in Highline Magazine.


Allan Buckingham: web bossScreen Shot 2016-02-22 at 1.51.58 PM

Allan is the principal consultant at CnA Media Consulting. He’s a big geek who loves the outdoors and helping people enjoy the things he loves as well. For Allan, there’s nothing like taking people out canoeing for the first time, or showing them how to use their new smartphone, or talking with them about social media best practices. Experience includes working as an Audio Producer for commercial radio, as Radio Program Director for a not for profit information radio station and Media Coordinator for a not for profit before he started his own consulting business.

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