Angela Gabaldon – Feature Neighbour

A short and sweet Know Your Neighbour feature with Angela Gabaldon. Photos by Georgie Silckerodt.

Photo by Georgie Silckerodt.

Photo by Georgie Silckerodt.

In one sentence, how would you describe yourself?

I am true to myself.

What are some of the struggles you find yourself facing in the Bow Valley?

One has to work an awful lot because of the high cost of living so I find it difficult to find the time to play!

Who is someone you admire? Why?

There is not one person I admire but many, especially strong independent athletic women not only who work hard but manage to find the time to fit everything into a day.

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Photo by Georgie Silckerodt.

What keeps you here in the Bow Valley?

I love Canmore, my partner, work and a super fantastic lifestyle!

What is a vice of yours?

No question, road bike & mountain bike and my beautiful townie!

When are you most content?

Every morning I wake up at 5 am, have a coffee and watch the rising of a new day here in the mountains, and am grateful for my health and all the beautiful people I get to spend every day with!!!

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Georgie Silckerodt

Raised in a ghost town in rural Australia with nothing but gum trees and her dogs to keep her company, Georgie spent a lot of time as a child reading and playing in the dirt. A German seamstress for a mother and a German erotic oil painter as a father proved to be potent to her relentless need to create. She now resides in Canmore with her 16-year-old rescue cat, Ghost and muse, Michael.

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