Art and Alf: Feature Neighbours


Photo by Kelly Schovanek.

Photo by Kelly Schovanek.

Twin brothers Art and Alf Prozny are no strangers to pulling the ol’ switcheroo. In fact, it used to get he pair into hot water with the ladies back in the day.

The owners of Two Brothers Taxi, a Bow Valley institution, have led colourful lives that include kickin’ it with Cheech Marin, Margot Kidder and Kiss as drivers for Brewster coaches back in the ’80s and ’90s.

Born in Holden, AB (near Edmonton — Oilers fans through and through), Art and Alf first moved to the Bow Valley in 1957 as 17 year olds when their parents opened a lodge on Banff Avenue. The brothers attended high school in Banff and the family welcomed tourists and skiers to their lodge for 20 years.

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Their paths separated for a couple of decades until Art rejoined his brother Alf in Canmore in 1989. They spent the next 10 years driving coaches and growing out their moustaches before starting Two Brothers Taxi.

If you jump into a Two Brothers cab for a $6 flat-rate downtown trip, one way to tell whether it’s Art of Alf behind the wheel is: “Alf’s miserable as hell,” says Art. Art’s also minutes older and slightly taller. Hope that helps.

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