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Still Life: Jasper in June

This is a collection of photos taken in Jasper National Park, around Patricia Lake and along the Athabasca River. Spring this year in Jasper had a beautiful start with sunshine and clear skies before the inevitable June rain arrived. Flora and fauna sprouted up with the sunshine and welcomed the rain. The rivers and lakes swelled with spring runoff, but…

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Welcoming the Sun

The crocus stays close to the ground on sunny hillsides and slopes, often shrouded in the safety of larger plants. Keeping a warm coat of fur helps the crocus stave off the cold of brisk spring mornings. It is swift to show its spring colours after the snow has melted away. One commonality both crocuses and mountain people share is indicative of…

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Up Close at Lake Minnewanka

It’s the small things in life that matter. Pro photographer Brian Van Tighem gets up close and personal at Lake Minnewanka.  -Highline

Focussed on the Flathead River Valley

The Flathead River Valley has been a topic of much discussion over the last while throughout Alberta, British Columbia, as well as the United States. Environmentalists, ranchers, and outdoorsmen fight for the permanent protection of this piece of the Crown of the Continent, which has been called one of the most biologically important places on the planet. While protection hasn’t…

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Finding the Western Wood Lily

As the weather turns cold and we may just have to admit that summer is really over (but it’s only October!), we thought we would leave you with one last memory of summer, the bright and fresh beauty of the Western Wood Lily. – Highline I remember clearly the first time I saw a Western Wood Lily. It was perhaps…

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Capturing the Blue Clematis

Outdoor photographers are no strangers to blustery winds, but we had some exceptionally strong gusts in the Rockies in the early days of July this year that would test any photographer’s mettle.