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Home Bike Maintenance 101

Checking your gear in this fashion on a regular basis will ensure lots of great, safe rides. You will become bike aware and be able to notice minor issues and take care of them before they escalate into major problems. Have a safe and exciting biking season.

Welcome to the New HighlineOnline.ca!

We had a dream… …to bring the life and culture of the Canadian Rockies beyond the pages of Highline Magazine. To create a hub where mountain-folk could connect with each other in fun and meaningful ways. And now we are excited to present to you a brand-spanking-new website that is sure to tickle you in hard to reach places! Look…

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Local Lingo: Beaver Schnitzel

def:// Beaver schnitzel: pain in the groin and bun area experienced during overly-lengthy bike rides. The ladies know what it’s all about. That little puppy takes a pounding in the saddle. Origin: Coined for use by the French ladies penny-farthing team during the 1870 Tour de France. Common malady amongst the women of the Rockies. >>> “Cette vélo me donne un cas macabre du beaver-schnitzel.”