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Speaker Series 2013

Every second Tuesday, beginning on June 18th, come on up to the Alpine Clubhouse up at 201 Indian Flats Road in Canmore for pizza, beer, prizes and some great entertainment.

The Making of the “Death Trap” Diorama

We brought the diorama back in this issue with a constructed illustration for Niki Wilson’s piece, “Death Trap.”

Sneak Peek Inside Elevation Place

Doors open on April 2, 2013 and there will be three full weeks of free access to all of the facilities at that time.

Oh, Snap! Photo Contest 2013

Photo by Jody Goodwin. The finalists from our Oh, Snap! Photo Contest have now been uploaded to our Facebook Page for voting!

Hiking Windtower: One of the Best Viewpoints in Kananaskis Country

By guest writer, Craig Copeland The Windtower — if you glimpse it while driving the Trans-Canada just south of Canmore — looms like a monster in a child’s nightmare. It’s so sharp and vertical that hiking to the summit seems laughably impossible. Yet Windtower is hikeable from the other side. Starting at Spray Lakes Reservoir, a trail ascends to West…

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New to the Highline Crew

Despite several tries, I’ve never been able to keep beta fish alive. I once changed the name of one red and turquoise Siamese fighting fish to The Bride because after two days of it floating belly up, it suddenly came back to life. (Kill Bill: Vol 1 & 2 are also my favourite movies). Eventually, this one’s replacement was aptly…

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Know Your Neighbour Night III

Thanks for helping us make this Know Your Neighbour Night III the best one yet! Cheap Our Creative Media Intern, Camara Miller, had a blast (and worked her butt off) filming, organizing, directing and creating the original Know Your Neighbour Night trailer that you saw at the beginning of the night. If you missed the screening of the KYNN trailer,…

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Bear Spray Gone Astray

Barry Blanchard, local alpinist and mountain guide, was recently criticized in the media for neglecting to have his bear spray with him when he ran into a grizzly bear. He and his client subsequently spent four hours huddled in a tree near Lake Louise, fending off the bear. In Barry’’s defense, after hearing the confessions from some locals involving accidental…

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Highline Summer 2012 Mix Tape

“‘Cause life ain’t nothin’ but a good groove, a good mix tape to put you in the right mood.” -Professor Booty What’s a summer roadtrip without a killer mixtape? Get it at iTunes by searching “Highline Summer 2012 Mix.” Side A 1. Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag – James Brown 2. Lady Don’t Tek No – Latyrx 3. Hey…

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Extras: Summer Issue 2012

We’ve put together a collection of resources, videos and articles that will enhance your experience of the subjects featured in the Summer 2012 issue of Highline Magazine. Check ’em out and enjoy! Wild Bill Peyto’s Lost Cabin Parks Canada Guidelines for the Management of Archaeological Resources Women Gone Wild Read more about it: Grit: Perseverance and Passion for Long-Term Goals The Whyte…

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“Considerable” Consequences

When avalanche conditions “improve,” is it really safe to get out there?

One Down, Nine To Go

Have you lost a toe nail yet this ski season? You’ve got nine more to go, so don’t hold back, right? Year-round Birkenstock sessions are one way of dealing with the pain. OR, we’ve got two great articles for you to keep your tootsies happy in those ski boots… and in the eyes of the unassuming public. Foot Fetish Remember…

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A Great Loss for our Mountain Community

January 18th, 2012 – The Bow Valley was rocked by tragic news this morning, as reports trickled in that a local climber had been killed in Patagonia. According to Gripped, Carlyle Norman was climbing with Cian Brinker (uninjured) when the accident occurred.* Highline Magazine and our mountain community have lost a vibrant, energetic and tremendously caring human being. An enthusiastic climber, adventurer, yoga instructor and aspiring writer,…

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Street Skiing Scene from All.I.Can

The rad-guys from Sherpas Cinema have released JP Auclair’s street skiing clip from their award-winning film, All.I.Can. If you haven’t seen the full movie yet, find a way to change that at sherpascinema.com, and this can be a teaser. If you have seen it…you know what you’re in for. Enjoy! – Highline JP Auclair Street Segment (from All.I.Can.) from Sherpas…

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Mighty Neighbourly

Know Your Neighbour Night, Round Deux was a blast! Check out the photo gallery here. Films “The Freedom Chair” and “All.I.Can.” blew everyone away and inspired some interesting conversations, and The Eerie Green and Her and Us kept the party flowin’ all night long. Kudos to Sabrina Harper and Stefan Grecu for the impromptu Flash Mob! Thanks a million to all our sponsors, volunteers, and…

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Booya, Bernadette! Local Writer Wins Grand Prize for “Freedom Climbers”

Highline is stoked to report that Bernadette McDonald’s new book, Freedom Climbers, has been awarded the Grand Prize at the 2011 Banff Mountain Book Festival! Bernadette  is the founding vice-president of Mountain Culture at the Banff Centre and the author of seven books on international mountaineering. She is the winner of numerous awards including the Alberta Order of Excellence, the Summit of…

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Extras: Winter Issue 2011-2012

Each issue of Highline Magazine we have more content than we have room for, and often want to provide our readers with some supplementary information – extra resources, videos and articles that will help to enhance the subjects we feature in the magazine. Here are some of those resources for our Winter 2011-2011 issue! Freestyle & Forgotten: The Rise and…

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Runners Unite: Stop a Sidestitch Before It Strikes

By guest writer, Cary Bohnet A sense of joy settles in as you’re out for a spring jog on your favourite trail; you’re thankful the snow is gone, and you’re ready to start another summer of trail running. Then it happens!  The monster every runner fears—CRAMP!!! Side stitch, abdominal cramp, a hot poker in the ribs—call it what you wish. It can…

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O Canada: Long Live the Mighty Hoser

Thanks to your photo submissions in Highline Magazine‘s “Red, White and You” photo contest, we are proud to present the final cut of “O Canada: Long Live the Mighty Hoser.” Canada rules! This year’s winner of the photo contest is Cheryle Battrum for her photo of the Canada Flag Mosaic. Cheryle just won herself an autographed copy of the Winter…

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Home Bike Maintenance 101

Checking your gear in this fashion on a regular basis will ensure lots of great, safe rides. You will become bike aware and be able to notice minor issues and take care of them before they escalate into major problems. Have a safe and exciting biking season.