Outdoor Adventure

Living in a Van Down By the River

Life lesson learned: Your lifestyle is not an unchanging constant.

Five Lessons Learned from the 2013 Flood

As we prepare for the 2014 spring melt, it’s good to remember the 2013 floods and review the important lessons that we learned last year.

Searching for Wilderness in the Great Bear Rainforest

See the beauty and untamed wildness of the Great Bear Rainforest for yourself in this eight-minute video made by a group of three Canmore friends.

Wild Bill Peyto’s Lost Cabin, by Mark Zanetti

Wild Bill was a mountain man to the core, the kind of guy who would bring a lynx to a bar, set it loose, and sit back and laugh while mayhem ensued. Local adventurer and writer Mark Zanetti sets out on a mission to discover Bill’s legendary “lost” cabin and learns a little bit about himself in the process… Open…

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Initiation of a Roller Derby Newbie

By Tonya Lowe Flashback to February. It’’s a quiet 2 ½-hour drive. Too nervous for conversation, I look out the window and focus on breathing as the landscape flashes by. Our directions are vague – “blue arena behind the general store” -– yet, rolling into the small prairie town of Springbrook, it would be impossible to miss the building. There are lots…

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The Legend of the Canmore Newbie

By Stefan Grecu “C-eh-N-eh-D-eh?” This was the “joke” I found myself tackled with at a recent gathering back in my hometown across the border in Pennsylvania. “So why did you move to… where again?” “Canmore, Alberta.” “Yeah, that’’s right, so why did you move there? Skiing, hiking, mountain biking, the outdoors maybe?” “Nope,it was for… love.” “Really? So, do you have a…

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Bow Valley Roller Derby: Times and Trials of a New League

By Rachelle Honeyman I was attending an 80s-themed bachelorette party in the summer of 2010.  Joanne was the bride to be, and only an acquaintance to me at that time.  I wasn’t exactly sure why I was invited to her party, although I appreciated the extended invite. Turns out it was meant to be. The party was a blast, and…

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Foot Fetish

Our feet are the foundation of our body and in a healthy, uniformly developed body, the feet should be supple, strong and flexible.

Run Wildie Run: The Future of Alberta’s Wild Horses

 By Wendy Bush Look back on our struggle for freedom Trace our present days’ strength to its source And you’ll find that man’s pathway to glory Is strewn with the bones of a horse. (Anonymous) Wild Horses in our back yard? How did they get here? First of all, it took 7000 years for today’s human/horse domestic union to evolve….

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From the Field: Glacial Recession

By Dr. Shawn Marshall Glaciologist and Canada Research Chair in climate change at the University of Calgary June 27.  Just down from a visit to Haig Glacier where I was poking in the snow, patching up weather instruments that the wind and snow had their way with this past winter.  I’’ve been working up there since 2000, trying to understand…

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Not Your Average Coal Miner’s Daughter

By Reg Spencer Ever heard of Anthracite? It’s a part of Banff National Park I bet you’ve never heard of. And I built a brothel there. With well over 300 residents, my town of Anthracite grew almost overnight and quickly earned a reputation of being wild and unruly. Most of the town folk had come from the eastern United States…

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