Good Grazing

Buying local is one thing, but foraging for your own greens in this great big mountain backyard is the way to really step up your food game.

Fun, Fine Food at 3,000 Feet

Understanding there are limits to backcountry eating, here is a list of the perfect meals that will turn a backcountry hut into a five-star restaurant!

The One Rule of Summer

Summer is around the corner. It’s time to prepare your 2013 sunny and warm ‘to-dos’ before it’s too late!

Energy Drinks: Enough Sugar to Fill a Ski Boot

Winter in the Bow Valley is a time when the term “butterlicious powder” earns approving looks and complaints about having to delayer to go to the bathroom receive sympathetic nods. Residents take advantage of the cold months with marathon cross-country ski trips, epic backcountry board sessions and formidable alpine ascents. All that hardcore winter-loving can really crush a person’s body. It’s hard to…

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For the longest time, I couldn’t stand the fall season. To me, fall was the Sunday before the work week. Oh sure, it was a day off, but the day was spent prepping for the long, slow, depressing slog ahead. People would tell me about the colours and the smells and the cool, crisp air but all I would hear…

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The Long Weekenders

You can feel it on the Wednesday, but only if you’’re really paying attention. The air sits a little heavier on your skin, and if you listen very, very carefully, you can make yourself believe you hear it… a soft buzz in the air. It’s a sign. A sign that the long weekend is approaching. And with it comes the…

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High on Huckleberries

High in the mountains of Alberta and extending West into nearly all of British Columbia grows a plant beloved by those who’’ve experienced it (and misunderstood by those who have not). The plant’s crop has traditionally played an important part in the region’s culture, and local residents guard their crop locations with vigilance. I am, of course, talking about the…

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Breakfast: The Ultimate Guide

If there is one cliché in the nutrition world that has got to go, it’’s that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” We get it! We know! In fact, 90% of Americans (no word on Canadians) acknowledge that eating breakfast is a good idea. But does that get us anywhere? No! Because approximately 50% still don’’t eat…

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Underestimating Electrolytes

“Aaaaaaagggghhhh!!! Cramp! Calf cramp! End it now…I’’ve had a good run!” Those are the words I was screaming after an hour of cross-country skiing at the spectacular Nordic Centre in Canmore. See, as much as I would like to brag about being a tough guy, the truth is, needles make me jumpy, I’’ll never finish watching The Exorcist, and a muscle…

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Mmmm…Additives. My Favourite!

What the Monoisopropyl Citrate is Polyvinylpyrrolidone? And are you really going to eat something that you can’’t even pronounce? The Challenge Go into your pantry or refrigerator and pull out any boxed item, dessert item, or any other item that is flavoured (i.e. salad dressing, sauces, etc.) Now look at the label and see how many ingredients you either can’’t pronounce…

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The Fast and the Furious: 5 Nutrition Tips for People On-the-Go

It’’s tough to eat well when you’’re constantly on the go, though, and getting some good grub in your system is crucial to being at your best.