Outdoor Adventure

Wooden Planks and Broomsticks: How Skiing Came to Banff

With three downhill ski areas and thousands of kilometres of backcountry ski terrain, it’s difficult to imagine life without skiing in Banff National Park. Gather round and hear the story of the first young skiers and the first pair of skis to ever shred these hills. – Highline The First Pair At the turn of the twentieth century, the first…

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Bunnies for Sale

Canmore has a little problem: a little, fluffy, pet-store-variety, cottontail rabbit problem. They”re cute as can be, but the problem is that they reproduce like, well, bunnies. Over 30 years ago, these family pets were released into the backyards of South Canmore and, for years afterwards, were lovingly referred to (by some) as “the South Canmore Rabbits.” Then they started…

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Alien Invaders of the Bow Valley

Each Spring, they invade. Creeping out of the shadows of the pine, spruce and fir, they push their way up from the ground and hide themselves amongst innocent bystanders – the wolf willow, Indian paintbrush, shooting star, prairie crocus and wild rose.  They blend in so well that, at first glance, nothing seems strange. Closer inspection reveals that hiding among…

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