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Underwater Roots at Lake Minnewanka

Some dig through old church records to trace their family roots. Others browse ancestry websites. But to find her roots, including her father’s childhood home, Marjory Gibney would have to dive deep – to the bottom of Lake Minnewanka. The Bow Valley isn’t exactly a hotbed of scuba opportunities. Most lake diving here rewards you with little more than poor…

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Plastic Flowers and Chicken Wire: A Memorable Canada Day

I was born and raised in Seebe, the little TransAlta Utilities village between the Kananaskis and Horseshoe Dams. The town no longer exists, but I have many amazing memories of this beautiful spot and it’s one of my favorite subjects. With Canada Day upon us, a particular Seebe memory came to mind. Over the years, both as an adult and…

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Mother Nature Running Late?

Wow, did Mother Nature ever check in late for Spring this year! As the skiers enjoyed Old Man Winter’s extended stay, the rest of us became increasingly impatient, fed up, disgusted, restless, outraged, stressed, crazed (pick one or all) as we waited for warm weather, snow-free hiking trails, and green things that grow. How Did We Know Spring Was Late? Well, for me…

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