Voices of Adventure: Behind the Scenes with Geoff Powter

It requires a unique combination of talents and guts to conduct an engaging, live interview on stage in front of a crowd of 330 people. As a writer, climber and psychologist, Geoff Powter has perhaps the perfect blend of skills and experience to pull it off. One of my favourite events at the Banff Mountain Book and Film Festival each year…

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The Best Mountain Book Ever Written

I hope you’re ready to expand your reading list. Going into this event at the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival on November 1, I was really curious about how the panel would make a choice for the best mountain book ever written. How does one even go about making such a claim? What would the criteria be for making…

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Our Top Pick for BMFF Opening Weekend: Wild Bill’s Run

The Banff Mountain Film Festival took us to many places this past weekend and ones you normally expect to find at the Festival – climbing in The Karakoram, travelling with the nomadic people in Ladakh, on expedition with a surgical team in Mustang, and into a backcountry hut with Rockies legend, Chic Scott. But the film that really stole the…

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Gearing Up for the Banff Mountain Festivals: First Weekend Preview

We’re just days away from one of our favourite times of year, the Banff Mountain Film & Book Festival! Tickets are going quick and some events are already sold out, but you’re in luck if you’re looking to attend the first weekend, coming up October 27 and 28, 2012. You can check out the full festival schedule for events, but…

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Whyte Museum’s Gateway to the Rockies

My feet tread lightly on a plastic sheet as I enter the construction zone of the Whyte Museum’s new Gateway to the Rockies exhibition. As the museum’s Marketing and Communications Specialist, Pamela Challoner, guides me through the tangled web of artifacts yet to be installed, she gets a yelp from Curator of Photography, Craig Richards, who is mounted on an early 1900s-era…

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Skoki: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About (One of) Canada’s Oldest Backcountry Lodges

First opened in 1931, Skoki Lodge is a National Historic Site that has a long history of offering a prime landing pad for passionate hikers and skiers. As I learned, the lodge is chock-full of quirky, entertaining stories from both the past and present. 1. When the first real stove was brought in by Ike Mills on dogsled, he actually…

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Tales & Trails: An Interview with Author Lynn Martel

I would suggest that everyone has their own ante, but the best way to up it is to expand your horizons, literally.