Food with Altitude

BBQ Pizza: Grilled Veggies on a Spelt Crust

Summer in the Rockies means we can finally remove the “toque” from the ol’ barbeque. But time is short, and we must be creative! Ever BBQ’ed a pizza? It’s fun, easy, and you’ll simply have to try it after reading this recipe. Makes 6 – 8, 8″ pizzas Because spelt is low in gluten and is not a high rising flour,…

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Hazelnut Raspberry Tart with Raw Chocolate Ganache

Summer is here! And to celebrate, we’ve asked healthy cook, Mystee, to share her recipe for a yummy raspberry tart. Bring this to your next patio potluck and, no doubt, you’ll have friends kissing your feet! – Highline This delicious, gluten-free hazelnut crust topped with fresh raspberries, fruit juice aspic and a raw chocolate ganache is a perfect summer dessert! The…

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Grizzly Granola

Kick start your morning and energize your entire day with the endurance power of organic oats, nuts, seeds and dried fruit! Feel free to substitute your favourite dried fruit. Enjoy with organic yogurt, soy, rice, almond or regular milk. Ingredients 5 cups of organic slow cooking rolled oats 1 cup of unsweetened organic coconut Pinch of sea salt 1 tsp….

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