Food with Altitude

Super Charge Your Trail Mix

Proper snacking for hiking and exploring in the mountains has always been amongst the hottest topics for my clients. What are the best energy bars on the market? What balance of carbs and protein do I need for an activity-filled day? At the top of my list of recommended snack foods is always a good old fashioned superfood-filled trail mix….

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A Warm, Sweet Treat on a Winter’s Day

It is hard to believe fall has come and gone, and winter has most definitely reached The Rockies! I don’”t know about you, but personally, I am starting to crave a little warmth in my diet, especially in the mornings and evenings. The perfect solution – stewed fruit! It’”s super easy to make, warms you up to the core, and…

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Do It Up, Butternut!

Does fresh snow and cold weather have you craving something warm and cozy? This recipe’s a winner! Just to be safe, better make an extra big pot of this soup to last you all week…more powder in the forecast! -Highline Butternut squash is one of my all time fall faves!!! This delightful butternut squash and red lentil soup is all…

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Super Recovery Smoothie

We love to push our bodies hard, but are we taking the right steps in recovering after exercise? Nutritionist Samantha Peris takes us through the steps to making sure we’re adequately recovering (and offers a great recipe, too!).  She introduces some funky ingredients, but explains each of their benefits. It might be worth a trip to the health food store…

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Calories: They Don’t Tell You Nothin’

You would think that because I am a nutritionist I know calorie counts like the back of my hand. But this is not the case at all.

Go S.L.O.W.

Slow? In the Rockies? Hang on a minute…isn’’t this where we go hard and fast 365 days a year?!