Food with Altitude

Super Recovery Smoothie

We love to push our bodies hard, but are we taking the right steps in recovering after exercise? Nutritionist Samantha Peris takes us through the steps to making sure we’re adequately recovering (and offers a great recipe, too!).  She introduces some funky ingredients, but explains each of their benefits. It might be worth a trip to the health food store…

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Go S.L.O.W.

Slow? In the Rockies? Hang on a minute…isn’’t this where we go hard and fast 365 days a year?!

Stop and Smell the Orange Blossoms

The province of Valencia, Spain is well known for its delicious and plentiful oranges. I had the privilege of visiting this region during a recent trip and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the orange blossoms were in full bloom and their sweet fragrance filled the air everywhere I went. Given my passion for food and a healthy…

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