Book Reviews

Flower power!

Have a challenging time differentiating a White Globe flower from a Western Anemone?

Getting to Know the American Dipper

I’ve had a few conversations lately with people who either love or hate a particular species of bird.

How To Ski from Canmore To Banff via the Goat Creek Trail

Goat Creek should be on everyone’s winter bucket list. Goat Creek Trail from Canmore to Banff is a great classic cross-country ski of about 19 km with a net downhill.  Conditions this year are fantastic; the big downhills have good snow coverage and are not icy. The trail connects with the Spray River Loop trail in Banff and crosses a…

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Book Review: The Skoki Cookbook

Skoki Lodge is the kind of place locals return to for the scenery and experience of sleeping in a historic backcountry cabin. However, many repeat visits can be credited to the great food provided for guests. Upon their arrival, skiers and hikers are treated to help themselves to such soups as Velvety Butternut Squash or Tomato Orzo with Pesto. Dinner…

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Sweet Rinks in the Rockies

…with snow removal! Skating outside on a clear day in the Rockies is a great way to get some exercise and breathe in some cool, crisp mountain air, surrounded by the beauty of snow-covered mountains. The Winter 2012/2013 issue of Highline Magazine describes local natural rinks.  However, should conditions not be right for natural rinks to form or if the…

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All About Larches

“And now for something completely different. . . the larch.” So goes the Monty Python skit. And biologists agree: the larch is different. Larches are one of only a few deciduous (seasonally dropping leaves/needles) conifers (pinecone bearing trees). The needles on larch trees change colour from green to yellow and look particularly vibrant against a clear blue sky. September is…

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7 Ways You Can Volunteer in Banff National Park

Does Banff National Park hold a special place in your heart? Looking for a way to contribute to your mountain community? Consider getting your hands dirty by volunteering with the Banff National Park Volunteer Program! 7 Ways You Can Volunteer in Banff National Park Trail Reports –- let Parks Canada staff know about the conditions of your favourite mountain biking…

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Learning to Climb in a Climbing Mecca: 5 Resources in the Bow Valley

Do you climb?  The list of outdoor activities that draw people to the Bow Valley is as long as the Bow River. Ascending its way to the top of that list is rock climbing, an outdoor pursuit that anchors, and sometimes dominates, the social and recreation time for local residents. What if you are currently a non-climber and would like…

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