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Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Hoody [rating=4]

Reviewer: Patrick Hutchison

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There are two types of jackets in this world: the kind you grab when you’re headed out to happy hour and the kind you grab when the world has ended and everything is a frozen wasteland. For the past half-century, Canada Goose has always produced the latter, but with the Hybridge Lite Hoody Cheap , they are aiming to change that. For what it’s intended to be, the Lite Hoody is extremely successful. It’s so light, (8 ounces) as to feel nearly buoyant. The world’s best down helps keep the weight down and breathability high, while Polartec inserts add extreme flexibility and comfort so you don’t have to take it off…ever.

When matched against the elements, it does as well as you would expect. On a recent trip to the San Juan Islands near the Washington/Canada border, it kept me warm on the deck of a ferry with near freezing temperatures and average wind speeds of around 50 km/hr. The point is, it does its job and it does it well. However, as someone who values, well, value, I’m not sure it’s worth it. At nearly $600, there are plenty of cheaper jackets that would offer similar performance. But, if you’ve got the dough, this goose is mighty fine.

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Big Ups

You cannot deny the craftsmanship of this jacket. Every stitch, every zipper tooth, every feather has been meticulously chosen which leads me to believe this is the sort of jacket you could enjoy for years on end without worry.



Here in the Pacific Northwest, if your go-to jacket isn’t waterproof, it’s because you’re either a tourist or a drenched hipster. While the Lite Hoody is water-resistant, it won’t suffice for service in a place where rain is a constant problem.

Patrick Hutchison

Patrick is from Seattle, but has spent at least 2 of the last 5 years traveling, from living in Patagonia to trekking though China. As a youngster, Patrick fell in love with the wooded outdoors, where he would intentionally get himself lost. Now, he tries not to get lost, but investigates gear that would save him just in case he did. Patrick writes for Seattle Magazine, Seattle Health magazine, and Sea Kayaker.

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  1. Excellent review Patrick. I gotta say though at that pricepoint, I’d probably prefer some more reliable waterproofing protection. But I still might make the plunge. Appreciate your input!