Art + Soul

Creative contributions to Rocky Mountain culture.

The Sound of Silence

Feeling socially overwhelmed during the holidays is as certain for me as a stomachache induced by a chocolate breakfast on Christmas morning. Have you had the misfortune of listening to the radio lately? Yikes, I actually start to grit my teeth when some pop star’’s banal rendition of ‘”All I Want For Christmas”’ attacks my ears. Between the terrible Christmas songs…

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Highline’s “Perspectives in Mountain Culture” exhibition opening and silent auction

Highline’s “Perspective in Mountain Culture” exhibition runs from November 9th through December 14th, 2015. Silent Auction: This is your chance to bid on and win one-of-a-kind artwork and to share your love for mountain arts. Get gussied up and come celebrate the creative spirit embodied in the pages of Highline Magazine while rubbing elbows with movers and shakers in the local creative…

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The Death Trap

How scientists are piecing together Alberta’s fossil record by exploring mountain caves.

Happy Trails from Highline Magazine

Our publisher Kristy Davison shares some final thoughts as Highline closes its doors after eight years of publication.

Peaks and Valleys: Hope and Healing in the Mountains

A young paramedic finds solace from post traumatic stress in the mountains.

BOOK REVIEW: The Jaguar’s Children

Those of us who live in the mountains are accustomed to confronting risk on a daily basis: extreme weather, avalanches, and coyotes in our backyards. However, we often forget that much of the planet defines risk differently. Risk may be making the decision to leave everything behind in search of a better life for you and your family. And what…

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Inside Hollywood: Bow Valley Edition

The life and times of a lowly film extra in the Rockies.

Back of the Pack Tactics

A user’s guide: lying, cheating, and manipulating your way to a great day in the backcountry.

Behind-the-Scenes with Highline at Sundance Lodge

Onesies, one-liners and mega-sparklers. This year’s retreat was one for the books.

Why’s It Called Tourist Season If You Can’t Shoot Them?

The title says it all.

12 Inspiring Events at the 2016 Exposure Photography Festival

Be inspired to develop your practice or just soak up the talent on display.

Bear Spray Gone Astray

Seven stories of bear spray attempts gone horribly, horribly wrong.

Mountain Mags + Music: 2015

Nine albums and one radio show on repeat while we made magazines this year.

Wild Winter Events: 2015/16

Hand-picked winter favourites from the Highline team.

A Fly Fishing Odyssey

Seventy-three years spent waist-deep in rivers around the globe.

2016 Highline Calendar Sale

Git some! A unique gift for the mountain lover on your list. Just $25.

“Perspectives On Mountain Culture” Silent Auction

Come out, let your hair down, and share your love for mountain arts.

Jumbo Wild Comes to Alberta

Highline and Patagonia Elements partner to bring film screenings to Canmore, Banff and Calgary.

Top 12 Free Events at the 2015 Banff Mountain Festival

Make the most of your FREE time at the 40th anniversary Festival.

Bushcraft: Wanna Spoon?

How to carve a wooden spoon from a piece of firewood.