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Think of Highline as a Gore-tex-clad guinea pig. We try before you buy!

Happy Trails from Highline Magazine

Our publisher Kristy Davison shares some final thoughts as Highline closes its doors after eight years of publication.

GEAR REVIEW: Peak Performance Heli Gravity Jacket a Winner

Maarten reviews the Heli Gravity Jacket by Peak Performance.

GEAR REVIEW: Osprey Xena 70L

Gone are the days of walking uphill both ways to school while wearing an uncomfortable potato sack as a backpack. This pack by Osprey will have your shoulders whistling a new tune!

Gear Review: LifeStraw

Drinking delicious glacier run off – it’s all fun and games until someone gets a parasite. Do yourself a favour, buy a filter!

Gear Review: BioLite Stove

When I first started up BioLite’s innovative new camp stove I sincerely giggled. This natural fuel burning, USB charging stove is an outdoor gadget […]