Highline Events

Featured favourites and community-focussed events hosted by yours truly. Good times guaranteed.

Know Your Neighbour Night III

Thanks for helping us make this Know Your Neighbour Night III the best one yet! Cheap Our Creative Media Intern, Camara Miller, had a blast (and worked her butt off) filming, organizing, directing and creating the original Know Your Neighbour Night trailer that you saw at the beginning of the night. If you missed the screening of the KYNN trailer,…

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Mighty Neighbourly

Know Your Neighbour Night, Round Deux was a blast! Check out the photo gallery here. Films “The Freedom Chair” and “All.I.Can.” blew everyone away and inspired some interesting conversations, and The Eerie Green and Her and Us kept the party flowin’ all night long. Kudos to Sabrina Harper and Stefan Grecu for the impromptu Flash Mob! Thanks a million to all our sponsors, volunteers, and…

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Welcome to the New HighlineOnline.ca!

We had a dream… …to bring the life and culture of the Canadian Rockies beyond the pages of Highline Magazine. To create a hub where mountain-folk could connect with each other in fun and meaningful ways. And now we are excited to present to you a brand-spanking-new website that is sure to tickle you in hard to reach places! Look…

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