Art + Soul

Quirky characters who shape the unique energy of our mountain towns.

Happy Trails from Highline Magazine

Our publisher Kristy Davison shares some final thoughts as Highline closes its doors after eight years of publication.

Art and Alf: Feature Neighbours

Twin brothers Art and Alf Prozny are no strangers to pulling the ol’ switcheroo.

Angela Gabaldon – Feature Neighbour

Ride on, sister. Angela Gabaldon rolls with gratitude and the straight truth.

High Times: The Adventures of Jim Davies

If you run into Jim Davies at the post office or on the streets of Banff, you will never suspect that he has had one of the most exciting and adventurous lives in the Bow Valley. Quiet, calm and watchful, Jim keeps to himself and lets the others get the fame and the attention. But as the pioneer pilot of the heli-ski industry, and as the first mountain rescue pilot in the National Parks, he has made a huge contribution to our mountain community and has earned the respect of everyone.

Garbageman Pete – Feature Neighbour

Feeling trashy? Pete’s your man.

Christian Wright – Feature Neighbour

Although he’d humbly deny it, Christian Wright is a big dill.

Gary Gonis: Feature Neighbour

The Rockies’ equivalent of “The Dude.”

Miss Ellen Q: Feature Neighbour

Banff is full of great people, some are fun, some are daring but this neighbour is just down right FABULOUS! Meet Miss Ellen Q – as if you haven’t heard of her already.

Rick Guinn, The Guy on a Buffalo: Feature Neighbour

FACT: There is no such thing as evolution, only those animals Rick Guinn allows to live. Many of you will recognize this local cowboy as the owner of Boundary Ranch and the world-renowned animal tracker from Guinn Outfitters. But it may surprise you that he is also the leading man from a feature ’70s film called “Buffalo Rider.” In the…

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