Art + Soul

Celebrating the wild wonder of our local flora, fauna and environment.

The Death Trap

How scientists are piecing together Alberta’s fossil record by exploring mountain caves.

Happy Trails from Highline Magazine

Our publisher Kristy Davison shares some final thoughts as Highline closes its doors after eight years of publication.

Peaks and Valleys: Hope and Healing in the Mountains

A young paramedic finds solace from post traumatic stress in the mountains.

Cougar Bait: Green Eyes on the Goat Creek Trail

Are those footsteps in the dark woods? Moving slowly? Towards us?

On the Rocks: The Local Impacts of Glacial Melt

Scientists explore the immediate and future effects of glacial melt.

Abraham Lake close up

Abraham Lake: Nature’s Dutch Oven

These bubbles create a spectacular tableau of shapes and designs that would render Jackson Pollock speechless.

Endurance Skiing from Canmore to Vancouver: What to Wear to Get You There

Bear Spray Gone Astray

Seven stories of bear spray attempts gone horribly, horribly wrong.

SOS: Save Our Snow

Ski hills respond to a changing climate.

Mapping the Wolverine Way

Scientists who study wolverines have a tendency to be gluttons for punishment.

A Fly Fishing Odyssey

Seventy-three years spent waist-deep in rivers around the globe.

On a Mission to Circumnavigate the Earth Without a Motor

Markus Pukonen is raising support for local non-profit organizations through Routes of Change.

Yellowstone to Yukon: 20 Years on the Trail

How many pairs of Rad Pants does it take to save a nation?

Bear Essentials: Make Your Own Crabapple Liqueur

It’s time to get wild in the name of saving the wildlife. Pass the vodka!

A Dark Secret: Inside Alberta’s Nuclear Bunker

At the height of the Cold War, a plot surfaced in the Bow Valley.

How to Build a Fire

Fire building 101 with Mahikan Trails.

Under New Leadership: Alberta’s Headwaters

Will NDP leadership mean a brighter future for Alberta’s headwaters?

Oh Bugger: Lyme is Now in Alberta

Lyme disease is on the rise worldwide and is spreading into Alberta.

Adventures with Lyme Disease

A girl on a mission to find out how Lyme disease and adventure can go hand in hand.

The Harsh Realities of Recycling in the Rockies

Lifting the lid on waste removal in the Rockies.