Know Your Neighbour - Profiles

Off-the-beaten-path adventures and athletes in the Canadian Rockies.

High Times: The Adventures of Jim Davies

If you run into Jim Davies at the post office or on the streets of Banff, you will never suspect that he has had one of the most exciting and adventurous lives in the Bow Valley. Quiet, calm and watchful, Jim keeps to himself and lets the others get the fame and the attention. But as the pioneer pilot of the heli-ski industry, and as the first mountain rescue pilot in the National Parks, he has made a huge contribution to our mountain community and has earned the respect of everyone.

A Dark Secret: Inside Alberta’s Nuclear Bunker

At the height of the Cold War, a plot surfaced in the Bow Valley.

Readers Choice: Top 12 Hikes Within Spittin’ Distance From Banff

Get up, get out and get high — up in the mountains that is. Share your photos to win!

How to Build a Fire

Fire building 101 with Mahikan Trails.

Living in a Van Down By the River

Life lesson learned: Your lifestyle is not an unchanging constant.

Hiking Heaven: Berg Lake

Blisters be damned: the trek to Berg Lake is the trip of a lifetime.

Adventures with Lyme Disease

A girl on a mission to find out how Lyme disease and adventure can go hand in hand.

Jasper: A Photographer’s Dream

A killer combination of insider-approved, accessible adventures and amazing photos from Jasper National Park.

Dazed and Concussed

Shedding light on the realities of Second Impact Syndrome.

Haggis With Hector

Grab a scotch and celebrate a great Scot! It’s almost Robbie Burns days, so we celebrate with some tales of James Hector and his fine adventures.

Outlier: Surviving Beyond the Odds

How to stay lost on a glacier for ten days and drive rescue crews to insanity.

Circling the Summit

Exceptional adventure on Mount Waddington, one of BC’s most iconic peaks.

#BMFF Free-for-all

There is much more than thrilling movies and big screen debuts at the BMFF. Attend one of these many events to get your creative juices flowing.

Mountain Life: Know Your Backcountry Hut Etiquette

Proper hut-iquette: do you know it? Do you show it?

Weekday Warrior

Fall is upon us but there is still plenty of good weather to get out and enjoy. Try out some of Tanya's pointers for maxin' out your relaxin'.

Seedy: The Underbelly of a Revolution

Get the dirty on the local food scene here in the Bow Valley. Buying local and eating local is on the rise, and we’ve got all the details.

5 Essential Day Hikes In Banff National Park

Summer has officially arrived and again this year hordes of hikers will lace up the boots and hit the trails in Banff National Park.

Snowpack Revelations

The first day of 2014 found Chloe Vance in the backcountry. Standing on the precipice of another new year, she began to dig through the diverse accumulation of her personal past year’s “snowpack.”

Wisdom from Wounds

On December 1, 2011 a group of experienced skiers and snowboarders set out into the backcountry of Rogers Pass, BC.


Playing smart and safe in the mountains with fellow female skiers! Chloe took an avi skills training course to feel more confident.