Breakfast Quesadillas

Courtesy Britta Bates

Courtesy Britt Bates


This one is unbelievably fast and easy. Seriously, it’s ready before you can say ‘fiesta!’ It’s a great alternative to boring old oatmeal and it’s super mouth-watering on those chilly mornings when you can see your breath. Especially when fruit and cereal sounds too, well…cold. With a couple of simple ingredients and only a couple of minutes, you can have a hot and delicious breakfast before you hit the trails.


– Corn tortillas – Salsa (one time in a pinch I used leftover tomato sauce and it was also great.) – Black beans, drained – Grated cheese


Smear salsa on one of the tortillas, then a layer of beans, and then a generous sprinkling of cheese. Sandwich another corn tortilla on top, put it into a pan, and grill over medium heat on the Coleman stove, or on the fire-grill, flipping once to get both sides. When browned and crispy, take it off the heat, and let it stand for a couple of minutes. Cut into quarters.

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Britt Bates

Britt Bates

Britt studied Creative Writing at University of Victoria and now makes her home in Kimberley, British Columbia.

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