Drink Up! Highline’s Naked Nut Brown Ale Now On Tap

Who doesn’t love a Naked Nut?

The Highline Magazine Naked Nut Brown Ale is officially on the menu at Banff Ave Brewing Co! Sales of the brew will directly support local writers, photographers, musicians and creatives of all kinds through a unique sponsorship program forged between the Highline and Brew Co teams this summer. Now your drinking buds can feel good knowing their hard work is supporting a good cause!

The Naked Nut will also be on tap at all of our local events including Know Your Neighbour Nights. Woot!

Head on down to the pub for a taste, and keep your eyes peeled for our official launch coming atcha this Fall.

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A beautiful partnership: Highline’s publisher Kristy Davison and Banff Ave Brewing Co’s Pete Grottenberg celebrate the launch of a unique grassroots collaboration in support of local creatives.

The Naked Nut has been featured by a professional taster on Paperblog.com. Here are some highlights:


Brewer: Banff Ave Brewing Co.

Name: Highline Magazine Naked Nut Brown Ale (Canada: Brown Ale: 4.8% ABV)

Visual: Deep brown with a thin off white head that leaves lace.

Nose: Cashew nuts and brown sugar. Malt chocolate. Nutella and Belgian chocolate.

Body: Hazelnuts. Low level bitterness. Lightly chalky texture. Milky coffee. Malt chocolate.

Finish: Lightly earthy. Hazelnuts and a very light burnt wood touch. Nutella. Brown sugar touch.

Conclusion: Brown ales from around the world, unite! I find brown ales interesting (a phrase rarely uttered) as there is such a big difference between the UK real ale interpretation of the style, and the USA craft interpretation – and yet they are still very noticeable the same style.

The nose is the sweetest part of it, with real full on Nutella and hints of brown sugar. It entices you in, but if the entire beer had been like that it would have been off-puttingly sickly sweet.

The body then smartly takes it in a much more roasted direction, with the slight chalk texture giving it a nice rough edged feel in the mouth. Here the beer makes itself known as much by feel as it does by taste, roasted and kicking – but backed by the malt chocolate and milky coffee – the sweet Nutella is there but taken down a notch to make it manageable.

The finish keeps the roasted flavour but brings the sweetness back up, slowly revealing itself as the roasted character fades out. It treads a fine line between the two characteristics to round it off nicely.

Overall this is a really balanced brown ale. Able to push heavier sweet notes and then pull back from it when it needs to. A very sessionale brown, for the ABV, and very enjoyable.

Read the full review at Paperblog.com.

Another great review of the Naked Nut lives at chewsandbrews.ca

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