Elk Run & Riot: Both Sides of the Valley

 Review by Corrie DiManno

Purchase Cheap how much claritin d to get high order duphalac dosage Elk-Run-and-RiotEDITElk Run & Riot’s recently released debut album Both Sides of the Valley is the soundtrack to packing up and heading out West, making friends with strangers, and growing up but never growing old. Set to folky-shuffle-rock-electric beats, the album’s eight songs follow the journey of a lost soul searching for answers in Rocky places.

Both Sides of the Valley is about going all in and doing whatever you want to do in a crazy town,” drummer Marc Frappier says. “But then you want to mature a bit more, grow, and consider yourself a part of the Valley.”

Described by the four-man band as a concept album, it recounts the familiar story of a Bow Valley newcomer who parties hard, burns out and eventually settles down, swapping recklessness for reflection.

Not every character in their timeless tale takes this well-travelled path though: the upbeat tune “The King” depicts one dude in particular who winds up crashing, burning and leaving town after living la vida loca just a little too large. The King was dubbed with this distinguished nickname after spending most of his paycheques on champagne and chocolate, which he would feast upon late at night in his “castle” (a closet converted into a room) after coming home from the bar.

“So many people go through that,” lead vocalist and acoustic guitar player Ryan Schepens says of this regular royal experience. “Everyone knows a king.”

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And whether or not these plaid-shirted, backyard-campfire-rocking boys had plans to sit on the throne of the local music scene, it’s safe to say they’ve secured a seat at the table. In November 2012, Frappier and Schepens formed the band alongside Andy Cotter (bass, electric guitar and vocals) and Bailey (mandolin and bass guitar) and quickly progressed from their practice space atop a garage in Canmore’s Elk Run Industrial Park to playing sold out shows in the bars of the Bow Valley. A short time later, as the grand prize for winning a Banff Battle of the Bands competition, they opened for Canadian rapper Classified at The Banff Centre before scoring a spot at the 2013 Canmore Folk Music Festival.

However, their ultimate wish, and the inspiration for their band name, has yet to be realized.

“We want to see the elk rise up against the tourists who are trying to pet them and ride them down Banff Avenue. We want to see the elk take back the Valley,” declares Schepens.

Right on, brothers. Riot on.


Ryan Schepens: Head chef at Nourish

Marc Frappier: Parks Canada Emergency Dispatch

Andy Cotter: Teacher at Mountain Munchkins daycare

Bailey: Snowmaker at the Nordic Centre in winter/Streets and Roads at the Town of Canmore in the summer

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