Fair Trade in the Rockies?

Tomorrow is World Fair Trade Day. What does that mean for us in the Bow Valley?

In my quest for fair trade suppliers in the Bow Valley, I stumbled upon an article that reminded me that Canmore was actually designated a Fair Trade
Community in July 2010. How did I not remember this? And did you know about it?

Wolfville, Nova Scotia was the first town in Canada to ‘go fair trade’ in 2007. Here’s a list of those that followed suit:

2. La Pêche, QC in November 2007
3. Port Colborne, ON in April 2009
4. Nakusp, BC in April 2009
5. Golden, BC in June 2009
6. Gimli, MB in July 2009
7. Olds, AB in November 2009
8. Revelstoke, BC in December 2009
9. Neuville, QC in March 2010
10. Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, QC in April 2010
11. Vancouver, BC in May 2010
12. Barrie, ON in May 2010
13. Sainte Anne de Bellevue, QC in May 2010
14. Canmore, AB in July 2010
15. Sherbrooke, QC in February 2011

The Town of Canmore does have a modest write up of participating businesses but it lacks depth. When I asked around to my mountain-lovin’ friends, they too were a bit stumped as to what it means to be a Fair Trade community, or where we could purchase these products in the Valley. Let’s change that!

Vancouver has a fantastic and thorough website about the places to buy fair teas, cotton or sportsballs, which inspires me to think we can build something like this for the Bow Valley.

Highliners, let’s help each other out. Where do you like to shop for fair trade chocolate, coffee, cotton, gold, handicrafts, flowers and bananas?

Leave a comment here or on our Facebook page and we’ll compile a list for you.

Camara Miller

Camara Miller

Originally born and raised in Calgary, it didn’t take much arm-twisting to get Camara to relocate to the Valley in 2009. When she isn’t working in audio production at The Banff Centre, Camara is coffee-drinking, story-hunting, cat video-watching, trail-hiking, dog-walking, elk bugle-mimicking, picture-drawing, and generally getting up to no good.

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