Flower power!

Have a challenging time differentiating a White Globe flower from a Western Anemone?

Courtesy of Jacinthe Lavoie and Ian Wilson.

Courtesy of Jacinthe Lavoie and Ian Wilson.

To spare yourself the embarrassment of thinking the latter is a fish found only in the Pacific, check out the book Jacinthe Lavoie and Ian Wilson have written called Wildflowers of Banff Park.

The book showcases detail-rich colour photographs of 160 flowers found in Banff, all arranged by colour. The authors provide a description of the flower, leaves and habitat for each species. They also highlight trails in Banff to find each flower. A unique feature of the book is the back section that describes 10 popular hikes in Banff and lists 60-80 wildflowers found on each trail.

Lavoie and Wilson will be presenting a free 45-minute slideshow of their wildflower photographs at the public libraries in Canmore (April 8, 7:30 p.m.) and Banff (May 15, 7:30 p.m). They will also talk about the 10 trails detailed in their new book and give some tips on where to find flowers in Banff.

The book is available locally at Cafe Books, Second Story and The Viewpoint. Connect with the authors and pick up some wildflower photography tips here: www.wildflowersofbanff.com.

What about you? Where is your favourite place to spend time with wildflowers?

Sara Eve Alarie

The natural world and working with young children fill Sara with wonderment and awe. She has been fortunate to teach Grade 1 in Canmore since 2005.