Fresh Cedar Bug-Be-Gone

By Rosemary Gartly


temovate cream over the counter Photo courtesy of Dan Rafla Photography.


The mosquitoes are out, and they are huge this year! When it comes to mozzies, there seem to be two types of humans: the ones the mosquitoes love a lot, and the ones they love a little. I’m in the love-a-lot category, and after years of spraying myself with DEET, I decided to seek out a natural alternative to support my bug spray habit.

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Here is my favorite recipe for homemade, chemical-free bug and tick repellent that smells fantastic and, most importantly, really works!

~ 475 ml warm water Cheap
~ 500 ml spray bottle
~ 3 tbsp cedar soap concentrate (available from buy pristiq online pharmacy bulk sax banglafedh Buy

Fill the spray bottle with warm water then add the cedar soap concentrate. Shake it up, and voila! You’ve got bug spray for people and pets! Reapply as needed.

*Sensitive-skinned folks should make sure to do a test patch before spraying their whole body down.sms tracker, iphone spy without jailbreak, hidden sms tracker

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