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Photo by Salewa

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Reviewer: Taryn Hajnrych

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When it comes to hiking shoes I straight up refuse to wear a high-top boot. I’m picky about weight, and as I’m sure all my fellow short-legged, tree-trunkers can relate — I don’t need any extra help in the kankles department. I’m constantly on the hunt for a shoe that is light-weight while still being solid enough to withstand rigorous hiking in the Rockies.

It was the bright, funky colours of the Salewa Wildfire approach shoe that first caught my eye, and immediately upon picking them up I could tell how sturdy the sole was. I was impressed with the versatility of the shoe in the store and couldn’t wait to get them out on the trail.

On the trail the approach shoes performed exactly as I had hoped. They were as stiff as I had expected so I definitely recommend some breaking in before taking off on any multi-day treks. I  set off expecting blisters and was pleasantly surprised to come out with only one. They were solid underfoot, had exceptional grip through muddy sections and were lightweight and streamlined for the uphill climbs. The Goretex lining kept my feet dry and warm in the wet spring conditions we experienced. As we were hiking in Manitoba on vacation, I had no chance to test out the performance when it came to more technical aspects such as edging or climbing.


Photo by Brandon Corcoran

Big Ups: They look great! Finally a great performing shoe that looks good, is streamlined and still manages to be incredibly comfortable for my very flat, very wide feet.

Downers: Salewa claims that silver ions, used to treat the shoes, will eliminate smell from bacteria and sweat. My boyfriend also owns these and wears them to work everyday and the resultant odour is so bad that these shoes will soon be sleeping outside if they don’t get their act together.

Taryn Hajnrych

Taryn Hajnrych

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