Book Review: The Skoki Cookbook

cover (1)Skoki Lodge is the kind of place locals return to for the scenery and experience of sleeping in a historic backcountry cabin. However, many repeat visits can be credited to the great food provided for guests.


Upon their arrival, skiers and hikers are treated to help themselves to such soups as Velvety Butternut Squash or Tomato Orzo with Pesto. Dinner consists of such treasures as Ginger and Sesame Salmon with Prawns, New Zealand Spring Lamb with Mint Marinade, Molasses Bread with Caraway and Fennel and Tandoori Masala Green Beans. Dessert might be Crème Brûlée, Amazon Chocolate Cake or a number of other options.

Katie Mitzel, her husband, Leo, and their two children live at Skoki Lodge during the winter and summer seasons. Mitzel and her staff prepare food daily, sometimes for over 20 guests at a time online casino – all from a rustic backcountry kitchen. In The Skoki Cookbook: Trailblazing Through History and Culinary Delights ($34.95 CAD), Mitzel shares 70 of her recipes from Skoki Lodge. One can feel confident in the quality of her recipes given the conditions she cooks in and the fact that anyone who has ever been to Skoki Lodge raves about the food.

The book itself is a hardcover edition filled with gorgeous photographs contributed by local professional photographers. The same designer from the Whitewater Cookbook series put together this collection of lodge recipes. It is the kind of cookbook you want to display on your living room table – not hide away on a shelf.

Mitzel shares recipes for breakfast, dinner, breads, desserts, dressings and Skoki”s famous cookies. She also provides detailed instructions for skills as diverse as how to make bread and how to butterfly a pork tenderloin. Her instructions are clear and the recipes feature fresh and nutritious ingredients to fuel your next adventure outdoors.

Another charm of this book is the front section where she details the history of Skoki Lodge, how the food order is placed, how food is delivered to the lodge in various seasons and some of the lodge”s historic guests.

Have an anniversary coming up? In the dog-house with your partner? Highline suggests preparing the book”s Royal Menu (served to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in July 2011) to show your gratitude or atone for your sins, as the case may be.

Where to get the book:

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Canmore: Cafe Books

Banff: Mooseprints, Viewpoint and the Whyte Museum


Lake Louise: Viewpoint

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Golden: Kicking Horse Interiors

Calgary: Pages Books


Sara Eve Alarie

The natural world and working with young children fill Sara with wonderment and awe. She has been fortunate to teach Grade 1 in Canmore since 2005.

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