Gear Review: BOGS Classic High Handles

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$90.00 CAD

Reviewer: Kristy Davison

My Gear Style:

  • Function Over Fashion
  • Use It ‘’Til It Disintegrates
  • Hand-Me-Down Hero
  • Recreational Athlete

This is my first pair of BOGS. They’ve been on many a lengthy stroll on both the streets and the trails, in dry and super snowy/muddy spring and winter conditions. They are the kind of boot that I can see myself wearing for a lifetime because they’re so sturdy and well-made (take this with a grain of salt as I do not tend to throw anything away – ever!).

Notorious for iffy granola style choices, to me these are totally appropriate downtown kickin’ around wear. Besides being ridiculously good-looking, they are durable enough to keep you warm and dry in the worst spring and winter weather conditions. They dry quickly and stay completely warm even when they’’re wet.

A bonus feature is the built-in handles that make them them easy to get on and off, unlike most other boots.

My toes are claustrophobic so they almost always complain when trapped in a pair of boots for too long. But, these boots have been like a pair of cozy, worn-in house slippers from the first moment I tried them on. Roomy, soft, and warm. No complaints in that department.

BOGS Classic High Handles

Big Ups:

So warm! The neoprene is much more insulating than the straight up rubber of your typical old black gumboots. I sloshed around in these up at the CMH Gothics Lodge in the springtime where there was tons of slush and snow and they kept my feet as warm or warmer than any pair of snowboots I have ever owned. And that was without any socks on! This leads me to my next point.


I am a barefoot kind of girl and never wear socks unless absolutely necessary. Anybody with me? Maybe it’’s just the shape of my own arches in particular that are creating the suction here, but I don’’t recommend going barefoot in these babies unless you are comfortable with people thinking you have uncontrollable flatulence issues.

Check out this product on the BOGS website.

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