Gear Review: Evolv Cruzer

Evolv Cruzer [rating=5]

$73. 50 CAD

Reviewer: Patrick Hutchison

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Putting on these shoes makes you feel like an octopus who’s been trained in parkour by Spiderman. Evolv’s Cruzer are billed as an approach shoe, which suggests that you might throw them on before an epic ascent. But the truth is, they are just as perfect for approaching McDonald’s as they are for Yosemite’s Half Dome.

I’ve been wearing the Cruzers up and down Seattle’s hilly, rain-soaked sidewalks for a few months now and I can honestly say I’m in love. When I’m not on the trail, you’ll typically find me in Chuck Taylors or Vans, sacrificing support and stability for aesthetic. But with the Cruzer, that sacrifice is no longer necessary. They manage to maintain the clean, urban look of a traditional street shoe while providing the fit, comfort and grip of a rock climbing shoe. True to fit, exceptionally well-made and available in enough colours to keep up with the most philanthropic of your TOMS friends, the Cruzer is the ultimate solution for those who’d rather not be in a city, but need a shoe to wear when they have to be.

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Big Ups:

I cannot emphasize enough how well these fit. They’re true to size and don’t require military grade cinching power to keep from slipping around. Because they fit so well, they’re exceptionally comfortable and because they look amazing, you’ll be hard pressed to find opportunities not to wear them.


For those who are using these as a transition from something like a TOMS or a Chuck Taylor, the outsole can feel a bit stiff. It’s something that I got used to quite quickly, but I can imagine it being distracting to some.

Check out this product on the Evolv website, and find out where to buy a pair!

Thanks to Patrick, our “foreign” correspondent for attending Outdoor Retailer on our behalf in the Summer 2012! – Highline 

Patrick Hutchison

Patrick is from Seattle, but has spent at least 2 of the last 5 years traveling, from living in Patagonia to trekking though China. As a youngster, Patrick fell in love with the wooded outdoors, where he would intentionally get himself lost. Now, he tries not to get lost, but investigates gear that would save him just in case he did. Patrick writes for Seattle Magazine, Seattle Health magazine, and Sea Kayaker.

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