Happy Trails from Highline Magazine

It was eight years ago now that we tapped our creative instincts, shameless naïveté and a circle of ridiculously talented friends to launch Highline Magazine, an independent mag that grew to become an essential voice in the Bow Valley and the mountain towns of the Rockies.

Since then, with the help of a gang of contributing writers, photographers, illustrators, and partners in the community, we’ve published 17 beautiful print magazines, co-hosted eight years worth of crazy Know Your Neighbour Nights, and have attracted a following of hyper-engaged readers by providing free and flavourful bathroom reading for mountain people.

Creating platforms for unconventional storytelling and honest human connection, we’ve often been told that we sparked a sense of belonging and love for this beautifully quirky mountain community, inspiring folks like you to care more deeply for it. And you supported us in every way.

But now, with this experience under our belts, it’s come time to unplug and create some new adventure stories of our own. It’s time to make like wardens at a rowdy 2 am campsite and shut this bad boy down.

The last copies of our final print edition are currently on stands and HighlineOnline will remain alive and kickin’ on the web.

Thanks for being a member of our mountain tribe. May your bear spray always be pointed downwind.

Kristy Davison and the Highline Magazine team

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We’ll be making some noise one last time with a Know Your Neighbour Night in honour of eight years of Highline Mag on April 2 at the Canmore Legion. Seth Anderson will rock a mean set and DJ All Nite Mike will keep us shaking our rumps to the wee hours, as always. We’ll also be announcing the winner of the Highline Indie Music Award at the event. 


Kristy Davison

Kristy Davison

Kristy founded Highline Magazine in 2008, motivated by the pursuit of stories that both inspire and make us laugh at our wild ways. Her background in fine arts and design, love for reading and research, and a life spent wandering in the Rockies combine to lead the vision for the magazine. She lives for hut trips, live music, walks in the woods, and kicking back with friends in the summertime.

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