Mountain Life: Know Your Backcountry Hut Etiquette

At Abbot Hut, photo courtesy of Nicole Larson.

At Abbot Hut, photo courtesy of Nicole Larson.

If you plan to hit up a backcountry hut, roll like a pro by following these golden rules from The Alpine Club of Canada:


  • Wear your wet or snowy boots around inside the cabin. Bring hut booties!
  • Leave leftover food in the cupboard for the next group. It seems like a nice gesture, but it attracts mice, and someone else is going to have to pack it out.
  • Worry about how you look. This is the perfect chance to tap into your inner dirtbag, so live it up.
  • Pee in the water source, and that includes the snowfield outside the hut.
  • Drink and curse and be rowdy if you are sharing the hut with other groups. If you have the hut to yourselves, on the other hand…


  • Read the hut instructions and layout when you arrive to get a lay of the land.
  • Carry out ALL of your garbage, and clean up after yourself.
  • Bring extra toilet paper to share if needed. It’s light to pack, and someone always forgets.
  • Empty all water containers and slop buckets before you leave so they don’t freeze.
  • Be welcoming and friendly: invite others to play hut games or share your extra dinner.
  • Be a hut hero by keeping the fire stoked if you are sleeping closest to the stove on a cold night.

We love The Alpine Club of Canada!

Give their huts a peek at

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