Jasper: A Photographer’s Dream

As if you need any more motivation to head out into Jasper National Park, our friend Jeff Bartlett has pulled together a killer list of insider-approved, accessible adventures and amazing photos to get you stoked to head out beyond the beaten path.

1. The Ramparts + Tonquin Valley


The dramatic peaks and changes in the landscape make this one of my favourite hikes in Jasper.

Location: The Rampart Mountains in the Tonquin Valley, Jasper National Park.

Getting there: The biggest trip of the bunch, this one is 18.6 km from the Edith Cavell road to Amethyst Lake, following the Astoria River Valley.

2. Athabasca Falls


Athabasca Falls steals the attention of most tourists but I prefer exploring the canyon just below the falls. Just make sure not to get too close to the edge!

Trail: Follow the stairs that lead away from Athabasca Falls, towards the whitewater raft launch point.

3. Cycling the 93A Highway


It isn’t even necessary to venture into the backcountry to explore Jasper in solitude. I love cycling the 93A, which is a secondary road on the western edge of the Athabasca River.

Location: The Icefield Parkway and Highway 93A form a 60-km loop to Athabasca falls, which is Jasper’s most popular road cycling ride. The stretch near Leach Lake is always the quietest!

 4. Mt. Edith Cavell + Cavell Lake


Mt Edith Cavell is a Jasper icon and both the Path of the Glacier and Cavell Meadows hikes are among the park’s busiest. However, I recommend checking out the view across Cavell Lake. It’s all but guaranteed you’ll have the location to yourself.

Location: Cavell Lake. It’s only a 400 m walk from the Edith Cavell Hostel to this isolated view of Mt Edith Cavell.

 5. Icefields Parkway from the air


The Icefield Parkway links Jasper and Banff National Park and there is no better view of the stunning landscape that surrounds it than from the air, if you can make it happen. I especially love seeing the braided Saskatchewan River, just south of the Jasper park boundary in Banff National Park.

Location: Helicopter flight from the Cline River heliport.

 6. Keep it low-key: Lake Annette Jeff-Bartlett-6

It isn’t always about big adventure. You can always use a simple campfire just outside of town as an excuse to go out and catch a glimpse of the stunning night sky.

Location: Lake Annette picnic area, near Jasper Park Lodge.

7. Pyramid Mountain


Pyramid Mountain is undoubtedly my favourite mountain to photograph in Jasper National Park and I enjoy searching out unique perspectives of its summit.

Location: Photographed from beneath the Mile Five bridge on the Icefield Parkway.


Bartlett (@PhotoJBartlett) is taking over our Instagram gallery @HighlineMag this week with an incredible selection of the past year’s best work from his home base in Jasper.

Jeff Bartlett is an adventure photographer and writer currently based in Jasper National Park. He’s spent the last decade chasing storms around the globe and arrived in Jasper just in time to join Marmot Basin’s Ski Patrol and enjoy the record-snowfall ski season.


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