Know Your Neighbour Night: Summer 2015

The launch of Highline’s fresh new look and feel was the catalyst for some good ol’ fashioned celebration at this summer’s instalment of Know Your Neighbour Night. Over 200 old friends and new faces danced up a storm together, locals welcomed newcomers and by end of the night the make-your-own-button-station had been all but decimated. It was a pleasure gettin’ crafty with all you fine mountain folks.

A big shout out to our generous sponsors including Patagonia Elements, Rave Coffee, The North Face, The Banff Centre, DJ AllNiteMikeWild Flour CafeBanff Trail Riders and The Banff Tea Co! Thank you for your continued generosity and the good vibes you always add to our events.

In a ceremonial torch-passing Kat Topolniski of Banff Coffee House handed over the stewardship of local independent music to Highline, with a donation of $1500 that will go directly towards nurturing grassroots arts and culture.

Together we raised over $3000 that will go straight back to local artists through their work with the magazine, our website and musical performances at Highline events. Until next time!

All photos by Highline photographer Georgie Silckerodt.

Lots of love from the Highline Team!

Highline Magazine

Highline Magazine

Highline is a window into the unique culture that thrives in the Canadian Rockies. Our stories, images, and local events embody the playful, authentic, community-minded, and earth-friendly spirit of the people who make the Rockies home.

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