Local Literature: Flo and Eddy's Water Adventure

Where does our water flow?

Lori Nunn and Linden Wentzloff”s newest children”s book entitled Flo and Eddy”s Water Adventure guides kids (and grown ups) through the movement of our continent”s fresh water.

The heroes of the story, a pair of feathered friends, have been blown off course on their annual winged migration. In a moment of inspiration, they realize online casino the potential to use the flow of water as a map to guide them back to the ocean where they belong.

From water”s glacial mountain source here in the Rockies, we follow the wayward travelers, Flo (a pelican) and Eddy (a quirky cormorant), downstream through underground rivers and glacial lakes, and across the marshes and wetlands of the foothills and prairies, learning about water movement and the environment as we go.

Wentzloff”s expressive and colourful illustrations make Flo & Eddy”s Water Adventure a fun read, and a memorable introduction to the importance of fresh water to our daily lives.

Canmore locals, Lori Nunn and Linden Wentzloff have collaborated on three bestselling childrens books during the last decade: In the Path of Great Bear (2001), Magic in the Mountains (2002) and Where Wolves Are Wild (2003).

Flo & Eddy”s Water Adventure is published by Rocky Mountain Books.

Kristy Davison

Kristy Davison

Kristy founded Highline Magazine in 2008, motivated by the pursuit of stories that both inspire and make us laugh at our wild ways. Her background in fine arts and design, love for reading and research, and a life spent wandering in the Rockies combine to lead the vision for the magazine. She lives for hut trips, live music, walks in the woods, and kicking back on patios with friends in the summertime.

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