Mountain Poetry: “Snowpower”

“Snowpower” was submitted by Bert Dyck, Canmore’s Poet Laureate. This poem appeared in the Winter 2015/16 issue of Highline Magazine.

Photo by Callum Snape.

Photo by Callum Snape.

  • Snowflakes drifting softly down
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  • No breath disturbs the night;
  • They lay a frosty blanket down
  • The woods are clad in white.


  • The snow— the heavy snow a muff,
  • The woods are hushed and still;
  • Each post displays a powder puff
  • That softens winter’s chill.


  • When morning sunshine lights the scene,
  • The Rockies gleaming white;
  • Thick pillows now where rocks had been,
  • A dazzling play of light.


  • A morning breeze appears and that
  • Disturbs snow’s soft embrace;
  • The posts have lost their snow-puff hat,
  • Snow needles prick a face.



  • The wind formed cornices hang high
  • And heavy on the peaks;
  • Suspended action in the sky
  • Could stay that way for weeks.


  • Purchase Day follows day; each day the snows
  • Load slopes and cling to cliffs;
  • Pills Snow devils dance, the wind it blows
  • And gusts and streams and sifts.
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  • A slight disturbance tips the scale,
  • And snow slopes show a crack;
  • An avalanche sweeps down its trail
  • With havoc in its track,


  • And thus the snow, so light and fine,
  • Can cause the world to shake;
  • So let us always keep in mind,
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  • The power of a flake.


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