Passion, Pizza and Pulling the Trigger

Rosanna Crawford and Brendan Green shoot off about love on the biathlon world circuit.


The Biathlon World Cup comes to Canmore this weekend, Feb 4-7th, where you can catch Rosanna and Brendan and many more of our local athletes in action as they take on the world. Make sure to check out the race times and more at

In a rare spare moment between training, sponsorship obligations and a physio appointment, we caught up with Rosanna and Brendan to find out what it’s like to be in love with your world class biathlon teammate. 


Highline: How would you describe what it’s like to be in a relationship on the World Cup circuit together? (The couple met through training for biathlon competition and have been together since 2009.)

Brendan: We’re together almost every minute of every day. We lead almost the exact same lives: the same routine, the same coaches. That can be a challenge for some people, spending that much time together; it’s literally 24/7. But I think our personalities really compliment each other so it works for us somehow.

Rosanna: When we do have to be apart, it’s a huge adjustment. Even an evening away felt like an eternity when I spent Monday night in Toronto without him. That was our first night apart in a couple months. It’s more like when we’re not spending every second together then I start to feel almost neglected. On the rare times when we don’t get to share a room on the road, even though we’re in the same hotel and we’re eating every meal together, the fact that we’re not sharing a room is when I really start to take it out on Brendan. I’ll feel like “You’re not visiting me enough!”

Highline: Since you spend so much time together, how do you strike a balance between your sport and home life?

Brendan: I have a hard time kind of stepping away from the sport and my training to actually relax and turn my brain off. I definitely tend to get caught up in all the little extras and things that are associated with training. For me, Rosanna definitely adds a little more variety to my life. Before we started dating it was just all about biathlon, I didn’t make time for anything else.

Rosanna: I think we both gain a lot from being together. I wasn’t as focussed on biathlon before I met Brendan, and Brendan was maybe too focussed. So he learned how to relax a little more and to let go, and I learned to focus a little more to take myself to the next level in the sport. So that’s pretty cool. 

Brendan: Yeah, it’s like any relationship, you’re just trying to find that balance and that compromise that makes it work really well for both of you.


Highline: You’re both highly competitive in your sport, how does that translate when one of you does really well in a competition and the other doesn’t? Do you compete with each other?

Rosanna: I think we’re always super thrilled when each other does really well. I’m definitely more nervous watching Brendan race than I am myself when I go up and race. We both just really focus on the good things and if we both have bad days then we can have the option to be a bit sulky together. But, I’d say never is one of us disappointed when the other one has a better day. We’re very competitive about who gets the closest parking spot to the house, but we’re not THAT competitive.

Brendan: Since both of our results have been getting better and better over the last few years, and since if you finish in the top 10 you get prize money, when one of us gets some prize money we’ll take the other one out for dinner. That’s our way of celebrating, and it’s nice that it is happening more frequently these days. We usually go for pizza. 

Highline: What are you most looking forward to about having the World Cups on home turf in Canmore this year?

RosannaThe best thing about having the World Cups coming up and having them here in our home town is that our own Olympic dreams were formed here in Canmore, and now we get the opportunity to be a dream-starter for someone else who’s maybe going to come out there and watch these races. So I think we just feel so priveleged and lucky to represent Canada, especially at a home World Cup and hopefully it’ll spark some kids out there to want to follow their dreams and try to be the best in the world too.

Brendan: Our careers started here in Canmore when we were really young and it’s just really cool that it’s come full circle back to Canmore to race at the highest level we can race at. That’s definitely special.

Highline: What else do you have in common that keeps things fun outside of biathlon?

Rosanna: Every Sunday we usually have a rest day, so we do a special breakfast together. Brendan has a really good sourdough pancake recipe that we love. We also do a pizza date night every couple of weeks. We love pizza and coffee.

Brendan: With training and competition, we have to eat a LOT and we’ve really started to find a passion in food and cooking.

Rosanna: We also took the time to watch all of the Star Wars films in order from 1-7 recently. We’ve been hooked on Making a Murderer and House of Cards on Netflix as well. And I get out with my dog quite a bit.


Highline: How do you spend your down time together?

Brendan: Our only real down time from the sport is in April and most people expect that we would go somewhere hot to relax and just be couch potatoes, which we do sometimes. But one of our favourite things to do is go somewhere to ski. Like last year we went to Silver Star.

Highline: You mean to downhill ski?

Rosanna: (laughing) No, cross country. Last year at Silver Star was the best skiing I’ve had, I dunno, I think ever. We were having a casual breakfast and then doing something like 50km a day out there. We’ll keep an eye on the snow but we might head out there again this April.

Brendan: We’re on skis every day all year, that’s our job, right, but for us, one of our favourite things to do is go out and cross country ski for pleasure. I find it’s a really fun way to connect and decompress and relax.

(That’s right. They like to go on a cross country skiing vacation on their down time from cross country skiing competitions.)

Highline: Any last thoughts to share before you head out to the races?

RosannaWe do realize how lucky we are to have found… “soulmate” is such a silly word, but… somebody who you can connect with on so many levels as well as within the sport. It’s pretty special.

The Biathlon World Cup comes to Canmore this weekend, Feb 4-7th, where you can catch Rosanna and Brendan and many more of our local athletes in action as they take on the world. Make sure to check out the race times and more at

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