Pot growing 101

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Making your own munchies is a dope way to get high on life! Follow these six easy steps for success in your small container garden this summer:

where can you buy hoodia pills potted basil Purchase Step 1 online . Location, location, location. Pick a spot that gets at least six hours of direct sunlight. If that spot dips below 0° at night, bring your potted friends inside for a sleepover.
Step 2. Size matters.Pick the perfect pot, don’t over-plant and remember, terra cotta absorbs your H20.
Step 3. Plant the right stuff. Your best choices in our climate are green, leafy veggies and herbs.
Step 4. Get ’em good and drunk every other day. Parched plants = sad plants.
Step 5. Eat what you grow!
Step 6. Repeat. Plant a new seed a few weeks after the first one and you could have freshly grown greens every other weekend.

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