Raw Blackberry Pie

At the height of the season fresh fruit and berries are just too beautiful to cook!  This is a very simple raw pie to prepare and you can substitute your favourite fruit for the blackberries if desired. Blueberries, raspberries, peaches, pears and nectarines are all equally delicious.  I spooned my pies into small ring moulds and then layered leftover crust and filling into little mason jars for lunch the next day. You can also make one larger pie.

Coconut Hemp Crust:

Photo courtesy of Mystee Maisonet

Photo courtesy of Mystee Maisonet

~ 2 cups organic raw coconut flakes
~ 1/2 cup hemp seeds
~ pinch of salt
~ 2 tbsp. coconut oil
~ 2 tbsp. honey or maple syrup

Place all ingredients in a food processor. Process until crust is crumbly but sticks together when pinched. Press into a pie plate, small tart tins or small mason jars.


~ 1 cup blackberries pureed with 1/3 cup soft Medjool dates and a tsp. of vanilla to make a jam (these blackberries don’t have to be perfect! Save the perfect ones to stir into the jam in the next step.) 
~ 4 cups ripe blackberries
~ 1 tsp. lemon juice

Stir the 4 cups of perfect blackberries into the jam with the lemon juice. Spoon onto the crust.

Cashew Cream Topping:

~ 11/2 cups raw cashews
~ 1 tbsp. lemon juice
~ pinch of salt
~ 3 tbsp. coconut oil
~ 1/4 cup agave
~ 1/2 cup water

Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender until smooth. Add a dollop to each piece of pie before serving.

Mystee Maisonet

Mystee Maisonet

Whenever possible, Mystee embraces the outdoors. In her native Banff she’s often spotted with husband Rick and two grown sons enjoying her favorite sports of hiking, skiing, cycling and supping. Her love of yoga and passion for cooking are the things that bring her indoors with a smile. In summer months, Mystee can be found at the Banff Farmer’s Market keeping Banffites cool with her “Om Cooking” gourmet popsicles.

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