Having Sex For a Month Straight is No Bull

Bull elk bugling.The rut is on baby! Last night a bull elk got me out of bed by bugling right outside my son’s bedroom window. He was chasing a cow around the parking lot and trying to mount her beside our car. The sheer poundage of the two of them made our Honda CRV look pretty vulnerable. Next thing you know, another bull appeared looking for a fight. Then my park warden neighbour, James, tried to run them off with a hockey stick draped in shredded plastic (Get! Get! Heeya! Heeya!). This morning there was elk poo everywhere, and the neighbourhood smelled pretty musky.

In celebration of Elk Rut 2013, here’s a letter a I wrote to bull elk for Highline Magazine a couple of years ago. Thanks to the good folks there for letting me have this much fun talking about elk testicles! Enjoy, and stay clear of that rack.

(No, thank you Niki!)

Having Sex for a Month Straight is No Bull

Highline Magazine – Winter 2011, Vol. 3/Issue 1.

Dear bull elk, we understand you’re tired. You’ve been fighting and having sex all fall–who wouldn’t be? Having 30 cows to yourself sounds like fun, but we know the kind of stress you’ve been under. To read more of Niki’s open letter to rutting bull elk, click here!

Niki Wilson

Niki Wilson

Niki Wilson is a contributing editor and writer for Highline Magazine. A writer, journalist and science communicator, she makes her home in Jasper, AB. Other publications include: Canadian Wildlife Magazine, BioScience, Natural History Magazine and the Science Media Centre of Canada, Earth Touch News Network, the Fitzhugh, and Experimental Popular Science. Find more at nikiwilson.com, or on twitter @niki_wilson.