Still Life: Jasper in June

This is a collection of photos taken in Jasper National Park, around Patricia Lake and along the Athabasca River. Spring this year in Jasper had a beautiful start with sunshine and clear skies before the inevitable June rain arrived. Flora and fauna sprouted up with the sunshine and welcomed the rain. The rivers and lakes swelled with spring runoff, but Patricia Lake always seems to manage to stay a beautiful clear blue.

The winding channels of the Athabasca flow smoothly beneath Pyramid Mountain. The speedy current causes it to appear smooth in this long exposure photograph. Photo by Brian Van Tighem.

A grove of Wolf Willow shoots up from the ground with mixed grasses along the shores of Patricia Lake. Photo by Brian Van Tighem.

The sunlight glints off of sparkling blue water, fishing boats and snow capped peaks at Patricia Lake in Jasper. Photo by Brian Van Tighem.

A willow opens its leaves to the spring sunshine in a Montane forest. Photo by Brian Van Tighem.

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Brian Van Tighem

Brian was born on the edge of the Canadian Rockies, and was shaped by the prairies, mountains, and coastlines of Western Canada. His camera has taken him over four continents, and the journey is only just beginning. He aims to tell stories through photographs, whether they be tales of adventure, culture, nature, business or industry.

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