Super Charge Your Trail Mix

Proper snacking for hiking and exploring in the mountains has always been amongst the hottest topics for my clients. What are the best energy bars on the market? What balance of carbs and protein do I need for an activity-filled day?

Goji berries are good for everything. Photo courtesy

At the top of my list of recommended snack foods is always a good old fashioned superfood-filled trail mix. Many people still shy away from nuts and seeds based on their high Caloric value, but we’ve already learned not to keep track of those pesky Calories anyways, remember?

Nuts and seeds are jam-packed full of vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and protein. Combine that with some really tasty antioxidant-loaded superfood berries and other dried fruits and we have the perfect blend of carbs, protein, fiber and healthy fat to keep you trudging along.

Here are a few ingredients that will really boost up the nutrition level, and therefore your energy levels, on the trails.

Your Guide to Trail Mix Essentials


  • Almonds – a great source of Manganese to keep your joints functioning optimally
  • Cashews – high in Tryptophan, which helps us make serotonin, our happy neurotransmitter
  • Brazil nuts – one of the best known sources of Selenium, an important “anti-cancer” nutrient
  • Walnuts – a source of omega-3’s, fantastic for decreasing inflammation and boosting brain health


  • Sunflower – Very high in heart healthy Vitamin E
  • Pumpkin – Top choice for immune-boosting zinc

And now for the super-charged-ness you have been waiting for:


  • Raw cacao nibs – your healthy chocolate fix with one of the highest antioxidant foods ever known
  • Hemp seed – omega-3’s, fibre, protein; they have it all
  • Goji berries – it’s probably faster to list what these aren’t good for, and that would include nothing
  • Golden berries – sweet, sour, the highest protein berry in the world (16%) and antioxidant rich
  • Dried mulberries – known for balancing blood sugar and weight loss
  • Hunza raisins – from the mineral rich soil in the Hunza valley, Pakistan
  • Coconut ribbons – with their ever so important medium chain triglycerides, a fat that keeps us thin. What’s not to love?

It is important to note that any combination of the above ingredients is going to turn out fabulously. Start with some of the ingredients you know and are familiar with, and then  slowly build your collection of superfoods and add as you go! Soon enough you will be chomping this trail mix as a snack, sprinkling it on your favorite breakfasts, or adding it to a homemade energy bar or smoothie.

However you choose, please consume with the utmost joy!

Samantha is a holistic nutritionist with a passion for women’s health, especially from pre-pregnancy through to early motherhood. After discovering her own food sensitivities and experiencing the endless benefits of a healthy diet and lifestyle, she successfully converted from a processed food junkie to a whole food and superfood specialist (and hasn’t looked back!). Samantha is a successful business owner at nu roots nutrition, where she carries out one-on-one consulting (via Skype), teaches whole foods cooking classes and runs corporate seminars. She has recently moved from Canada to the Netherlands to pursue her love for travel and learning.

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