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Back of the Pack Tactics

A user’s guide: lying, cheating, and manipulating your way to a great day in the backcountry.

Under New Leadership: Alberta’s Headwaters

Will NDP leadership mean a brighter future for Alberta’s headwaters?

Oh Bugger: Lyme is Now in Alberta

Lyme disease is on the rise worldwide and is spreading into Alberta.

Outlier: Surviving Beyond the Odds

How to stay lost on a glacier for ten days and drive rescue crews to insanity.

Serving up honest Canadian folk rock: Brad Brewer Band

To be honest, we’re pretty sure the Brad Brewer Band’s EP launch party will be more fun than camping in your own backyard. See you on the 16th!

Are You Avi Aware?

Whether you are ducking under the fence for a few lines or touring in the backcountry, travel in mountainous terrain comes with risk.

Banff Mountain Film Festival: Opening Weekend 2013

Make sure to snag tickets to the Banff Mountain Film Festival soon!

Cleaning up the community

While donations are currently no longer being accepted, Canmorites can go door-to-door to see if anyone needs help with physical labour.

Searching for Wilderness in the Great Bear Rainforest

See the beauty and untamed wildness of the Great Bear Rainforest for yourself in this eight-minute video made by a group of three Canmore friends.

High on Huckleberries

High in the mountains of Alberta and extending West into nearly all of British Columbia grows a plant beloved by those who’’ve experienced it (and misunderstood by those who have not). The plant’s crop has traditionally played an important part in the region’s culture, and local residents guard their crop locations with vigilance. I am, of course, talking about the…

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Run Wildie Run: The Future of Alberta’s Wild Horses

 By Wendy Bush Look back on our struggle for freedom Trace our present days’ strength to its source And you’ll find that man’s pathway to glory Is strewn with the bones of a horse. (Anonymous) Wild Horses in our back yard? How did they get here? First of all, it took 7000 years for today’s human/horse domestic union to evolve….

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Plastic Flowers and Chicken Wire: A Memorable Canada Day

I was born and raised in Seebe, the little TransAlta Utilities village between the Kananaskis and Horseshoe Dams. The town no longer exists, but I have many amazing memories of this beautiful spot and it’s one of my favorite subjects. With Canada Day upon us, a particular Seebe memory came to mind. Over the years, both as an adult and…

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