Book Reviews

Conrad Kain: Letters from a Wandering Mountain Guide, 1906-1933

Conrad Kain’s ‘Letters from a Wandering Mountain Guide, 1906-1933’ offers a candid look into the life of a celebrated mountaineer.

Weekday Warrior

Fall is upon us but there is still plenty of good weather to get out and enjoy. Try out some of Tanya's pointers for maxin' out your relaxin'.

BOOK REVIEW: Climber’s Paradise

A celebration of the longstanding relationship between the Alpine Club of Canada and our wonderful mountain parks.

Banff Mountain Film Festival: Opening Weekend 2013

Make sure to snag tickets to the Banff Mountain Film Festival soon!

Voices of Adventure: Behind the Scenes with Geoff Powter

It requires a unique combination of talents and guts to conduct an engaging, live interview on stage in front of a crowd of 330 people. As a writer, climber and psychologist, Geoff Powter has perhaps the perfect blend of skills and experience to pull it off. One of my favourite events at the Banff Mountain Book and Film Festival each year…

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Helmet, Shmelmet!

I’ve been thinking and talking about risk and reward a lot this summer and have found the conversations always lead to the same issue: what is reasonable risk? Obviously the idea isn’t to exterminate all risk from our lives or we’d all be playing Tetris instead of spending our days outside. But in our society the level of acceptable risk…

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Beautiful Choss

If you venture into an establishment that won’t evict you for dirty fingernails, you may spot it: it’s the table with the haggard-looking eyes-glazed-over pair, slumping over beers that they are wearily guarding with their life.

Tales & Trails: An Interview with Author Lynn Martel

I would suggest that everyone has their own ante, but the best way to up it is to expand your horizons, literally.