Outdoor Adventure

Avoid the Crowds in Canmore

best places to buy generic viagra The long weekend season is upon us. Are you ready to travel local? My gut filled with dread as Victoria Day long weekend approached like a charging grizzly. A sequence of promising emails, potential itineraries and possible plans flowed through my inbox and mind. Each one kicked my heartbeat up a notch. What were…

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The Legend of the Canmore Newbie

By Stefan Grecu “C-eh-N-eh-D-eh?” This was the “joke” I found myself tackled with at a recent gathering back in my hometown across the border in Pennsylvania. “So why did you move to… where again?” “Canmore, Alberta.” “Yeah, that’’s right, so why did you move there? Skiing, hiking, mountain biking, the outdoors maybe?” “Nope,it was for… love.” “Really? So, do you have a…

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