Outdoor Adventure

Measuring The Element of Risk

In his last post, our resident adrenaline junkie, Kurtis Kristianson, gave us his thoughts on “The Gut Feeling.” Since then, a scary incident shook him up enough to get him thinking about fear and how we decide whether the risks involved in a life of adventure are worth it. – Highline Recently I had the good fortune (if you want…

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Helmet, Shmelmet!

I’ve been thinking and talking about risk and reward a lot this summer and have found the conversations always lead to the same issue: what is reasonable risk? Obviously the idea isn’t to exterminate all risk from our lives or we’d all be playing Tetris instead of spending our days outside. But in our society the level of acceptable risk…

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The Gut Feeling

The phrase “gut feeling” may also be used as a shorthand term for an individual’s “common sense” perception of what is considered “the right thing to do.”  (Wikipedia) It’s hard to know where these things start or when the decision was made that determines the outcome. Sometimes the feeling creeps up on you; sometimes it’s a quick punch in the…

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